“Devon” Loop Scarf

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“Devon” Loop Scarf


STYLISH AND COMFORTABLE TUBE SCARF THAT KEEPS YOU WARM IN THE COLD. Keep your neck warm and flexible even in cold temperatures. “Devon” is a rib-knit scarf in a loop model that is lined with Iontex® technology. Iontex® reflects the body’s natural heat energy in the form of long-wave infrared energy. It can stimulate blood circulation which can be helpful for stiff neck muscles. The technology is known for having temperature-regulating properties by having high breathability and fast-drying material.The scarf is knitted with two different methods, which results in a comfortable loop that folds nicely around the neck. Rib-knit to create layers of air, and which provides an insulating effect. Stylish mottled light/dark grey colour. Metal emblem with Back on Track logo on the upper part.Iontex® technologyRib-knit designWarm with high breathabilityMetal emblem with our logo

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Light Grey, Dark Grey

"Devon" Loop Scarf

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